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Does Gabourey “Gabby” Sidibe need weight loss? Gabby Sidibe is an Oscar nominated actress but she is in serious need for her next acting role.

A casting director said Gabby Sidibe has to lose weight before she sees a steady stream of working going her way. Do you think Sidibe needs to lose weight?

This director mentioned Nikki Blonsky from “Hairspray”. Blonsky allegedly has not had any work offered to her after her last role in Hairspray. Sidibe’s friends have confirmed that she hadn’t received any acting offers.

However, after Oscars night, Sidibe was offered a guest star role in The Big C, a comedy. The Big C is about Cathy, played by Laura Linney. Cathy is a Connecticut wife and mother who changes her life after she contacts terminal cancer.

Sidibe will act as a student in Cathy’s class. Sidibe will be acting as a student with an attitude problem, who changes after Cathy’s influence. The TV series is in Showtime.

Hollywood and Sidibe have proven Howard Stern wrong. Stern had lashed out at Sidibe, saying she would never get work again because of her size. Now, Sidibe has the last laugh, proving Hollywood recognizes talent instead of physical size. Sidibe does not need to lose weight to get a role.

Gabourey Sidibe’s star crush is on Gerard Butler. While she said she rejected Chris Rock’s advances (on her butt), she would be thrilled to be with Gerard Butler.

AcaiSupply, a weight loss company, has offered Gabourey Sidibe a one year supply of their Acai product. Acai said Sidibe can help them in return if she can lose weight with their product.

Acai is asking Sidibe to endorse the product after she tries it and loses weight.

The CEO of Acai Supply wrote a letter to gabby Sidibe, saying she might win her Oscar Award in the future if she becomes fit and healthy.

Sidibe has not responded to the offer or issued a public statement.

Acai uses acai berry in its product. The weight loss is allegedly accompanied by an increase in energy levels and an increased level of anti-oxidants which gives glowing skin to the user.

Do you think Acai has been too direct in their approach?

The National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance (NAAFA) said being overweight may not equate to being unhealthy. The NAAFA came to the defence of Gabourey Sidibe, after she was talked about by Howard Stern and Acai Supply company. The NAAFA said that a fat person may not necessarily be unhealthy and a thin person may not necessarily be fit and healthy.

What Gabby Sidibe’s mother, Alice Tan Ridle, said about her daughter’s weight:

Alice Tan Ridle has responded to Howard Stern’s criticism of her daughter Gabourey Sidibe. Ridle said to disregard Howard Stern. Ridle said Stern may not be relevant to her daughter Gabby but she was confident others will hire Gabby despite her size.

Gabby Sidibe has talked to Oprah Winfrey about her physical size. Sidibe told Oprah she was comfortable with herself and accepted her weight being a part of her whole identity.

Ridle said being over weight runs in her family and she didn’t blame Gabby for being obese. Ridle even said Gabby was picked to act in Precious because of her size. If it weren’t for a big Gabby, she would have gotten the role.

Ridle said Gabby did try to lose weight before but she was hindered. She blamed the genes.

Updated March 23 2010 –
Susan Powter dishes it out raw to Gabby Sidibe. Powter gave her unsolicited opinion, citing Howard Stern as the pioneer of honest truth. Powter reiterated Stern’s concern that weight was a negative factor in Sidibe’s rising career. Powter said weight will factor in everything a person does, as well as affect the fundamental image of oneself.

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  1. Comments made by Howard Stern and Susan Powter proves that wisdom does NOT come with AGE. Wisdom comes from Growth, which is something that Howard and Susan have not gained. A person is not always over weight due to eating. Many people of ALL races and gender may be over weight due to a medical condition or due to medication. To judge someone solely off of their looks is for ignorant people who have grown up. Gabby is a beautiful lady who is filled with confidence and is an inspiration for everyone. Out of the mouth the heart speaks.

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